Concrete floor care

How to Care for your Concrete Floor

Concrete Floor Care Tips Concrete floors are making a comeback. They’re one of the most affordable flooring choices, but they are also the greenest flooring option on the market today. That’s why they are an increasingly popular choice in upscale building projects. They can be made to resemble any material you’d like. However, concrete floors […]
modern decors

Making a studio feel like more than one room

Your job of selecting a colour scheme for any room is obvi­ously a lot easier if you already own a piece of furniture you either like or feel compelled to use. This is especially true if it is patterned. However, your options would be a lot more limited than yours are now, starting from scratch. […]
living room interior

The Fundamental Principles of Interior Design

The feeling you get when you walk into a well-designed room, where you sense how everything feels just right, can be easily achieved by putting your knowledge to use and through experimentation. Simply by applying the fundamental principles of interior design, you can turn any of your projects into a fabulous one. So, what should […]
modern residential interior design

5 Home Renovation Tips to Increase Visual Space for Your Small Home

For those of you who live in small homes, you will know that the space limitations can pose a challenge not only to live in but also in terms of interior renovation to make the home appear more spacious. Not to fret, we will highlight 5 simple things you can do to increase visual space and make […]

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